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goddess era-Goddess Era

Version: 1.1.0

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Version 1.1.0

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goddess era

Continent Valar, where people live and work in peace and happiness. However, the appearance of Original Crystal made all the powers move. The former vow of peace was broken, the continent was plunged into war, and even the gods joined the it.
In this chaotic world, who will rise and who will fall? Our selected warrior, it's your time to write the story!

[Forge bond with your goddesses]
On the road to save the world, meet goddesses of all kinds and forge bond with them! Friend or enemy? You decide it!

[Summon & fight with goddesses]
Summon goddesses from different spaces! Know their stories and skills to form your strong team!

[Soothe yourself in Paradise]
There is nothing better than a cozy home in this chaotic world. Warrior, please have a good rest, honing your

strength for the big push!
[Test your power in dungeons]
How many battles ahead? No one knows, just brave forward to break through the limit!

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goddess era Goddess Era

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